Most unbelievable Dreamweaver bug ever …

I’ve been using Dreamweaver for nine years now and have put up with some pretty poor behaviour from it on occasion. However, since our last upgrade (to CS3) I’ve generally been pleased with the noticeable lack of random crashiness.

Until yesterday.

I was innocently editing a CSS file when stupid Dreamweaver crashed and wouldn’t re-open. I mentioned it to a colleague who went to open the site I was editing – and his copy of Dreamweaver crashed and wouldn’t restart either!

Many thanks to Mike Padgett who provided a detailed fix on his site last year.  Amazingly, Dreamweaver CS3 crashes when you edit a file to exactly a multiple of 8,192 bytes.  To fix it, you just need to open the offending file in Notepad and add some content to get it above the Dreamweaver Filesize of Doom.

Judging by the number of comments on Mike’s post, this can’t be considered a freakishly rare problem. With the current economic situation a lot of people may be putting off upgrading to CS4 (where the problem is apparently fixed), so this weird bug is likely to continue to victimise further unsuspecting web designers for some time to come.

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