Review: Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

I think I’ve mentioned before how useful I find the online training library. It’s always been a great resource for learning web design applications, but it also has an ever-increasing number of titles on other software and broader web-related topics. I’ve recently been watching one of the more recent additions: Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter by Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n.

The title provides a great introduction for complete newcomers to either social networking environment, but the course is sensibly structured so the starter videos on basic account set-up can be skipped by people who already have personal accounts. Setting up business accounts on Twitter and business pages on Facebook is then covered in full, with discussions and demonstrations of all the available functionality. Useful caveats are also provided when necessary. For example, you’re shown how to automatically import your blog into your Facebook page, but also warned why you probably don’t want to do this and given a sensible alternative.

The really valuable part of the title for many people will be its advice on using Twitter and Facebook strategically for business marketing, with special emphasis on increasing viral effects via ‘word of keyboard’.

For me some of the most interesting advice here included:

  • Ways to cross-promote blog posts, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.
  • Advice on measuring the impact of Twitter and Facebook use – vital in a lot of business environments where the tools can be regarded as time-wasters.
  • Tips on using Twitter, Facebook and companion tools like Tweetdeck to search for business opportunites and ideas.
  • A useful breakdown of all the differences between pages and groups in Facebook – something I’ve never very clearly understood.
  • Discussions of the terms of use for Twitter and Facebook. I hadn’t realised that Twitter forbids links in tweets to websites which are against its terms of service.

This is a fun title which is definitely worth a viewing if you’re a subscriber with any interest in social marketing.

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter by Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n is available on the training site.

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