Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets – SEO for 2011

Search Engine Optimization Secrets is a good introductory read for business owners who want to get up to speed with SEO quickly. Compared to some of the weightier tomes on offer about the subject, this is a manageable size and presented in a practical way, with useful checklists for many of the topics covered. The author’s scepticism about paid-for SEO tools is particularly refreshing in an SEO ebook, since many similar works exist to exclusively promote particular services.

One of the title’s main selling points is its currency. This is the 2010 edition of the book, which is updated annually to take account of new developments. (However, the ‘SEO for 2011′ part of the title is a bit optimistic for a book published in the first half of 2010.) There’s a special report on how to optimize your site for better ratings with Bing, coverage of Google Caffeine and up-to-date screenshots of the various online tools and services covered.

The worst aspect of the book for me was that the version that’s on sale is plainly unfinished. The copy I bought from Amazon a month ago still had editor’s comments included in the text. Being up to date is great in an SEO book, but it would still be nice to get a properly finished product.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets: SEO for 2011 is written by Mike Monahan and published as a Kindle ebook by MediaWorks Publishing.

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